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Axcess DocuMate Organizers

DocuMate is the ultimate solution for putting frequently referenced materials in clear view and within arms reach. Use it on a desk, inside cabinets or shelving or on top of files or cabinets. DocuMate’s modular design enables you to position, change or add dividers, shelves or hanging files to meet your customer’s desktop filing needs.
Vertical dividers lock into both the base and back plates and can be adjusted every 1-1/4" for efficient upright storage of books, files or binders. Spacious 9-1/2"w x 11-3/4"d shelves hold oversized forms, envelopes and file folders and can be adjusted in 1-3/8" increments. Hanging File rails attach to vertical uprights to hold up to 7" of hanging files.
Each DocuMate system measures only 28-1/2"w x 9-3/4"h x 12"d.
DocuMate Plus provides all of the vertical and hanging file storage you need, plus the convenience of horizontal slots for letterhead, forms or other documents. DocuMate Plus 6-Slot measures 28-1/2"w x 15-3/4"h x 13"d and the DocuMate Plus 9-Slot measures 28-1/2"w x 18-1/2"h x 13"d.
All models ship “knocked-down” via UPS to keep freight costs low. Lower freight costs for you mean you can pass the savings along to your customers.

D053H Two 2-1/4" wide vertical compartments plus four horizontal compartments and a hanging file rack
D080H Six 2-1/4" wide vertical compartments plus a hanging file rack
D130 Twelve 2-1/4" vertical compartments
D076 Four 2-1/4" wide vertical compartments plus eight horizontal compartments
D103 Eight 2-1/4" wide vertical compartments plus four horizontal compartments
D048 Eleven horizontal compartments
DS03 Additional Shelves (set of 3) specify gray or black
DD03 Additional Dividers (set of 3) specify gray, black or blue
D080HP DocuMate Plus Vertical/Hanging File with 6-slot Tier Drop
D130P DocuMate Plus Vertical with 6-slot Tier Drop
D080HP9 DocuMate Plus Vertical/Hanging File with 9-slot Tier Drop
D130P9 DocuMate Plus Vertical with 9-slot Tier Drop


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