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Axcess Rail Systems

The strength and design of the TSS 4-channel Post enables you to go from an ergonomically advanced monitor arm to a fully integrated rail system. Thick aluminum rails mount directly into the channel of the TSS Posts to provide privacy, plus off-of-the-worksurface access to all of the items that typically clutter your desk.

Monitor Arms may be mounted to the TSS Post or directly to the rail system. Heavy-duty 12" deep shelves also mount directly on to the rails and can accommodate heavy objects such as laptops, printers or fax machines.

Add an Organizer Arm, Keyboard or Laptop Platforms directly into one of the remaining channels. Task Lighting and Shelving can also be mounted into the top of the TSS Post. For lighter items such as letter trays, active files, supplies and media. TSS offers a full range of rail accessories.

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TSS Rails
N24WRG 24" Rail
N30WRG 30" Rail

36" Rail

N48WRG 48" Rail
N60WRG 60" Rail
TSS Rail Accessories
TSS Rail Accessories
TSS-679 Rail Adapter
TSS-019 Rail Monitor Mount
TSS-962 10" Rail Monitor Mount
73420 13" Rail Shelf
76021 21" Rail Shelf
76031 31" Rail Shelf
76039 39" Rail Shelf

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Rail Shelving
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