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Axcess TSS Posts

The TSS Post is made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and has four deep channels that provide multiple monitor arm, panel and accessory mounting on the same post. The TSS Post is the foundation of the entire More Space Principle, enabling you to combine ergonomic monitor support with privacy and, most importantly, a clutter-free workstation. Use the top of the TSS Post for Third Level Shelving or Task Lighting.

TSS Posts come in the standard sizes listed below but custom heights are available upon request.

To see some of the many options and possiblilities of the More Space Principle, explore some of the links listed or you can download a pdf version of the entire “More Space” catalog.

download PDF copy of the More Space catalog

Components (Post Mounting Options)

Standard C-clamp
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Flush Mount C-clamp
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Wall Post
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Ceiling Mount
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TSS Posts
TSS-109 Bolt-through Post 17-1/2"
TSS-139 Bolt-through Post 21-1/2"
TSS-119 Bolt-through Post 33"
TSS-609 Standard C-clamp Post 17-1/2"
TSS-639 Standard C-clamp Post 21-1/2"
TSS-209 2-part C-clamp Post 17-1/2"
TSS-239 2-part C-clamp Post 21-1/2"
TSS-409 Grommet Post 17-1/2"
TSS-439 Grommet Post 21-1/2"
TSS-419 Grommet Post 33"
TSS-509 Wall Bracket 17-1/2"
TSS-539 Wall Bracket 35"
TSS-819 Ceiling Mount Bracket 33"

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