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Axcess TSS Multiple Monitor Systems

TSS Posts and Monitor Arms were designed and engineered to withstand continuous use 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The strength of the TSS 4-channel Posts enable users to mount multiple monitors side-by-side AND back-to-back. TSS Posts allows for future monitor expansion as well as total integration of panels, third level work surfaces, rails, rail shelving, task lights and accessories.

Optional Quick-Release System, enables users to quickly and easily trade out monitors without disturbing the structure, integrity or the continuous operational ability of the remaining monitors.

Trading and Financial firms have come to appreciate the ease in which they can replace monitors with the TSS Quick-Release System as well as increase monitor capacity due to the unique TSS 4-channel post.

TSS’s unique safety guard system prevents tampering damage and theft and therefore is ideal for use in public areas such as schools and universities, airports, bus and train stations. Individual users can quickly and easily adjust TSS monitor positions to maximize comfort and reduce fatigue. This has become a critical benefit for environments that employ multiple employee shifts such as fire, police and 911 dispatch areas.

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