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Axcess SideKick Storage Towers and Pedestals

SideKick is ideal for open space planning since it provides an excellent solution for today’s constant reduction of workstation space. It is ideal for any environment where secure yet accessible storage is at a premium. SideKicks are manufactured from 40% recycled heavy gauge steel and powder-coated for a great looking appearance and scratch-resistant durability.

SideKick Storage Towers
SideKick Storage Towers stand 17-3/4" wide and 31-1/2" deep…but the interior slides out another 31" when needed, and can be locked shut when not in use.
SideKick Storage Towers are 50-1/2" tall, allowing you use them as low-height dividers between desks and workstations for added privacy. The pull-out door creates an L-shaped return providing the employee additional workspace. The contents of the door can be built to suit any special needs such as suspension file space, binder and book storage, accessorized Slatwall to reduce clutter on the desktop, forms storage, corkboard for notes and more.
The SideKick is shipped assembled except for the modular accessories like shelves, bins, hanging file frames etc. The drawer can easily be converted from left hand to right hand and the accessories for the most part, snap right in. This provides excellent flexibility for future reconfigurations, changes or upgrades.

SKT4F Tower with Hanging File Frame
SKT42 Tower with 2 adjustable shelves
SKT43 Tower with 3 adjustable shelves
SKBB4 Bulletin Board
SKSWP4 Slatwall Panel
SKSSHF Sliding Reference Shelf for File Frame
SKBIN Drop-in Storage Bin for File Frame
SKSHF34 Adjustable Shelf
SKFFX Hanging File Frame (upper level install only)

SideKick Pedestal Cabinets
When the SideKick Ped is placed alongside a desk or workstation, it provides secured pedestal drawer storage as well as unique above desk storage that effectively increases workspace and can be easily customized to fit the needs of the worker.
SideKick Peds are available in two configurations; 2 file drawers and 1 file drawer with 2 storage drawers. In addition, the radical new SideKick topper is available as an open box which effectively increases the workspace or as a lockable tambour door box which increases workspace and provides additional secure storage for laptops, confidential documents or personal items. All units measure 16-1/2" w x 31-1/2"d x 43"h.

SKPOB-2 2 File Drawer Ped, Open top
SKPOB-3 2 Storage Drawer, 1 File Drawer Ped, Open top
SKPTD-2 2 File Drawer Ped, Tambour top
SKPTD-3 2 Storage Drawer, 1 File Drawer Ped, Tambour top
SKBIN Drop-in Storage Box for File Drawer
SKPEN Drop-in Pen Tray for File Drawer
SKPDD Storage Drawer Divider

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SideKick Tower Components and Accessories

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