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Axcess Shoe Organizers

Protect valuable footwear from dust and damage.
Don't buy prefabricated units that don't conform to your closet. Axcess Shoe Organizers allow you to create the configuration that's right for your needs... one tier at at time. Strong, versatile, and built to last a lifetime, with big, roomy slots. There's no other shoe organizer like it!

Strength and durability...
The durable "ripple" wall, polystyrene construction gives these units incredible strength.
Roomy slots...
The spacious 9-1/8"w x 5"h x 12-3/4"d will accommodate most styles of men's and women's shoes, side-by-side. Even most shoe boxes will fit!
Fast, no-tool assembly...
Even the largest unit assembles in just a few minutes-without tools!
All models ship UPS...
Lower freight cost for you, so you can pass the savings along to your customers.
All models ship KD...
Deliveries arrive intact with zero damages and no returns.
Lifetime guarantee...
No wood to warp, steel to bend, vinyl to tear, or corrugated cardboard to sag.

3-wide Shoe Organizer Kits
Start with any of these kits, then add more slots as you need them. If you still need more storage, stack units side-by-side. Inner dimensions of slots are 9-1/8"w x12-3/4"d x 5"h-ample space for even athletic shoes. Each tier has 3 slots. Shoe Organizers available in gray or black.

TD-3H-06 6-Slot Shoe Organizer 28-1/2"w x 11-1/2"h x 13"d
TD-3H-09 9-Slot Shoe Organizer 28-1/2"w x 17"h x 13"d
TD-3H-12 12-Slot Shoe Organizer 28-1/2"w x 22-1/2"h x 13"d
TDA-3H-03 3-Slot Add-on 28-1/2"w x 5-1/2"h x 13"d

2-wide Shoe Organizer Kits

TD-2H-04 4-Slot Tier Drop2 19"w x 11-1/2"h x 13"d
TD-2H-06 6-Slot Tier Drop2 19"w x 17"h x 13"d
TD-2H-08 8-Slot Tier Drop2 19"w x 22-1/2"h x 13"d
TD-2H-10 10-Slot Tier Drop2 19"w x 28"h x 13"d
TDA-2H-02 2-Slot Add-on 19"w x 5-1/2"h x 13"d

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