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Desk Clamp
Panel Bracket

Axcess Phone Arms

When desk space is limited, add a SwingPhone Arm to lift your phone off your desk and out of your way. When you need to make or answer a call, simply grab the platform handle and pull the phone towards you. When you’re through, push the phone up and out of the way. The adjustable platform fits any standard size phone. Attaches to any desk surface with a 1" overhang or can be mounted to the wall with optional hardware. Available in black or gray.
Telescoping Phone Arm elevates your phone 9" above your desk surface, adding instant work space. Smooth-gliding, 13" swivel arm extends an additional 6" for easy access to your phone. Clamps onto any desk surface with a 1" overhang or can be mounted to a wall or panel system with optional hardware. Platform adjusts to fit any standard-size phone. Available in black or gray.

710000 SwingPhone Arm
7140007 Telescoping Phone Arm
79509 Platform Extender Kit
NPWM1 Wall Mounting Hardware
NPWM2 Panel System Bracket

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