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Axcess Multimedia Tambour Door Cabinets

MultiMedia Tambour Door Cabinets give you complete access to CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, jaz and zip disks, floppies and more — all in one cabinet! Sliding tambour doors retract into the cabinet walls saving valuable floor space. Keyed locking system keeps contents secure. Roll-out drawers extend fully to allow 100% access to media. Each drawer includes five dividers for organizing and can hold VHS tapes, Audio Cassette Tapes, CDs, or DVDs. Four color choices include silver w/black doors, black w/black doors, light gray w/light gray doors, dark gray w/dark gray doors.
40" Tambour Door Media Cabinet is available in 5-drawer unit. The 40" cabinet can hold a single type of media, or any combination. The adjustable bracket design allows you to position drawers in 1" increments to meet your specific storage needs or height of your media.
The 65" Tambour Door Media Cabinet increases media capacity and comes with a shelf for additional storage. If you are storing exclusively CDs, select the 7-drawer cabinet. If storing DVDs or VHS tapes exclusively, choose the 8-drawer model for optimum capacity.
The 78" Tambour Door Media Cabinet model features two storage shelves, and also comes in a 7- or 8-drawer configuration.
Cabinets are shipped flat, ready to assemble.

For storing books, binders and other items, click here for user configurable Tambour Door Cabinets and Tambour Kits.

ST405 40" 5-Drawer Media Cabinet 40"h x 39"w x 18"d
ST6571 65" 7-Drawer Media Cabinet 65"h x 39"w x 18"d
ST6581 65" 8-Drawer Media Cabinet 65"h x 39"w x 18"d
ST7872 78" 7-Drawer Media Cabinet 78"h x 39"w x 18"d
ST7882 78" 8-Drawer Media Cabinet 78"h x 39"w x 18"d

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