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Axcess Media Binders

SteelWorx Media Binders feature durable polypropylene pages with rigid center panels and clear pockets. A scratch resistant fabric lining keeps CDs protected. Each Binder holds up to 80 CDs.
Coordinate with other SteelWorx accessories for all of your storage needs.

LG275 SteelWorx 80-pocket Media Binder

PortaFile Zip Binders are a great way to store Floppy Disks, CDs or DVDs and keep them protected from dust and debris. Thick polypropylene covers with nylon fabric edging resist scratches to desk or shelving. Smooth gliding nylon zippers enclose pages entirely to protect and retain contents. Durable polypropylene pages feature a rigid center panel and clear, glare-free pockets. Pages also feature scratch-resistant fabric lining.
Zip Binders are available in 40-diskette, 40- and 80-CD/DVD capacities. The 40-diskette binder measures 10-3/4"w x 11-7/8"h, The 40-CD/DVD binder measures 8"w x 11-7/8"h, and the 80-CD/DVD binder measures 13-3/8"w x 11-7/8"h. All are 2" deep. Binders feature welded label holder, labels and 10 color-coded finger rings for quick identification.
Coordinate with other PortaFile accessories for all of your storage needs.

A675 PortaFile 40-diskette Zip Binder
A670 PortaFile 40-CD Zip Binder
A671 PortaFile 80-CD Zip Binder

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