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Magnetico Accessories



Axcess Magnetico™

The Axcess™ Magnetico™ line of desk accessories is the easiest way to eliminate clutter on your desk at work, home, or even in the dorm. Magnetico™ accessories are produced with high strength magnetic bases. They magnetically adhere to any metal surface (like a file cabinet or refrigerator) or to the (included) magnetic strips that come with the individually packaged items.
Not only are they space saving and functional... they look great too! Axcess™ Magnetico™ products will compliment any work environment with black bases and chrome trim.
Magnetico™ products are sold separately (see right hand panel) or in one of two kits. The More Space Kit contains a perforated steel push pin board (it’s a magnetic whiteboard on the reverse side) with a separate rubber magnetic whiteboard, pencil cup, stapler, staples, staple remover, tape dispenser (with tape), 8" ruler, 4 magnets and a marker pen with eraser. The smaller, more economical More Desk Space II kit contains a 20" x 3" metallic board for wall mounting to which the following accessories can adhere: pencil cup, stapler, staples, staple remover, tape dispenser with tape, 8" ruler and 4 magnets.

Retail Packaging
All Magnetico products come in eye-catching retail packages for use in store displays. The clamshell packaging allows consumers to clearly see the product before they buy it. They can be hung from accessory hooks or individual packages can stand upright on existing store shelves.

NPBS01 Stapler Kit
NPPH01 Pencil Cup
NPPI01 Notepad Holder
NPCB01 Paper Clip Holder
NPTD01 Tape Dispenser
NP3HP 3-hole Punch
NPDE5MOB Magnetic Organizer
NPNET4050 More Desk Space Kit
NP20MB More Desk Space II Kit

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