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Axcess Convex Whiteboards

Create immediate interest in your message using this magnetic Whiteboard with a convex surface! The convex design eliminates the aggravating glare typically created by flat boards and gives the audience a greater viewing area. Built-in drawers store magnets and markers right inside the board! Frame is made from shock-resistant, heavy-duty ABS plastic. Patented hanging mechanism ensures exact horizontal alignment every time. Available in 3'w x 2'h and 4'w x 3'h models. White board with light gray frame and dark gray drawer accents. Magnets and markers not included.
Convex Planning Boards have all the same features, but with a variety of graphics to help with your scheduling needs.
All-Purpose Board has 2"w x 1"h cells with alternating rows of gray. Smaller board has 20 rows and 15 columns. Larger board has 32 rows and 21 columns. Available in 3'w x 2'h and 4'w x 3'h models.
Design-Your-Own Board features 1"h horizontal grid in gray and white. Make as many columns as you need vertically with adhesive chart tape. The 3'w x 2'h board has 20 vertical rows, and the large 4'w x 3'h model has 32 vertical.
Schedule Planner is great for projects, production, personnel and activities. List up to 17 items in the 4"w x 1"h left-hand column. 36 1" x 1" columns in alternating shaded areas every four squares makes it easy to track entries.
30-Day Planner's (bottom right) large 3-3/4"w x 4-1/8"h daily areas provide ample room for a full month's projects, meetings and events. Ruled column at right gives you additional room for monthly notes.
120-Day Planner gives you a four month overview at-a-glance. Features 13-1/4"w x 9-1/4"h monthly areas with 2"w x 1-3/4"h spaces for daily entries. To the right of each month is additional space for notes or comments.

H34101 Convex Whiteboard 36"w x 24"h x 3"d
H34301 Convex Whiteboard 48"w x 36"h x 3"d
H35201 All-Purpose board 36"w x 24"h x 3"d
H35202 All-Purpose board 48"w x 36"h x 3"d
H35601 Design-Your-Own board 36"w x 24"h x 3"d
H35602 Design-Your-Own board 48"w x 36"h x 3"d
H35501 Schedule Planner

36"w x 24"h x 3"d

H35401 30-Day Planner

36"w x 24"h x 3"d

H35301 120-Day Planner 36"w x 24"h x 3"d

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