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Store 144 binders in 6-1/2 feet of floor space – or just 2-1/2 feet with a 31-1/2" diameter binder carousel. Even more with a 36-1/2" diameter model.

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Axcess Binder Carousels

Rotating Carousels eliminate the wasted time spent pacing back and forth in search of the binders you’re looking for. Binder carousels are available in two models: 31-1/2" and 36-1/2" diameter. Each tier of the Carousels hold 6-1/2 feet of binders (31-1/2" diameter, the 36-1/2" model provides even greater capacity), rotates independently of the others, and is accessible from all sides.
Features sturdy construction with a steel center frame and laminated light gray finish. Add optional casters to make any floor unit mobile. Casters are not recommended for Carousels over 4-Tiers. Assembly required.
Desktop unit is perfect for shared binders — stores up to 36 binders on your desk and comes complete with a worktop for added space. The 1-Tier model is only available in the smaller diameter.

448401 1-Tier Carousel with Worktop 31-1/2" diameter x 17-1/4" h
480402 2-Tier Carousel 31-1/2" diameter x 33"h
480403 3-Tier Carousel 31-1/2" diameter x 47"h
480404 4-Tier Carousel 31-1/2" diameter x 61"h
480405 5-Tier Carousel

31-1/2" diameter x 75"h

488411 1-Tier Add-on Unit

adds 14" height

488412 Worktop for 2-5 Tier 31-1/2" diameter Carousels adds 1-1/4" height
493402 2-Tier Carousel 36-1/2" diameter x 33"h
493403 3-Tier Carousel 36-1/2" diameter x 47"h
493404 4-Tier Carousel 36-1/2" diameter x 61"h
493405 5-Tier Carousel

36-1/2" diameter x 75"h

499412 Worktop for 36-1/2" diameter Carousels adds 1-1/4" height
441020 Caster Set adds 2" height
441450 Organizer Set N/A
441500 CD Organizer N/A
488416 Pull-out Shelf (31-1/2") N/A
499416 Pull-out Shelf (36-1/2") N/A

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